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Sharpham Park has its own dedicated organic spelt mill, opened in June 2007 by Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex. It has been certified by Organic Farmers and Growers. The mill, where we produce the finest quality organic spelt flour, is equipped with the latest technology sourced from Europe, where spelt is far better known - in Germany as dinkel and in Italy as farro.
Roger Saul decided from the outset that, where possible, he wanted to adhere to traditional methods of milling which is why we stone grind the spelt to retain all the grain's natural oils and goodness, and ensure that none of its precious qualities are lost through more rapid methods such as steel roller milling.
All Sharpham Park’s spelt grain is bred, grown and harvested in the UK and is then milled and packaged on the estate in the South West of England. This ensures there is no risk of cross contamination. We believe our mill is the only dedicated organic spelt mill in existence.
The miller, Jeremy Heal, leaves the husk (hard outer layer) of the grain on right up until the milling process begins. Leaving the husk on until the last moment keeps vital nutrients locked in, maintains the freshness of the grain and contributes to spelt’s delicious flavour.alt
At Sharpham Park we minimise food miles, the distance that the food travels from the farm to the kitchen, helping reduce our overall carbon footprint.  We also source our labour, land and packaging locally.
We use traditional milling techniques and we do not add additives or preservatives.  Our Hagberg Falling Number is above 250 and our protein level usually sits around 13 to 14%. This may seem highly technical (which it is), what it means to you is our spelt flour makes fantastic bread and our miller constantly tests all incoming crops to make sure we produce the finest spelt flour available.

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