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For those of you who are interested in learning even more about this wonder grain, here are some key facts.........



• Spelt (triticum spelta)  is a delicious, ancient grain introduced from the Middle East about 9000 years ago. It is a hybrid of Emmer Wheat (triticum dicoccoides) and Goat Grass (Aegilops geniculata) and has a distinctive, nutty flavour.
• The key difference between spelt and wheat is the molecular structure of the protein in the gluten, which is shorter and more brittle and therefore easier for the body to break down and digest.   This is why many people who suffer with a wheat intolerance can digest spelt without difficulty. 
• Sharpham Park spelt has a rich protein count of between 12 – 14g per 100g, which is about 20% of the standard RDA.  Protein is essential for body maintenance and muscle growth.
• The Romans called spelt their ‘Marching Grain’ because of its high energy content. 
• Wholegrain spelt flour is thought to have a low Glycaemic Index, which means that the sugars are released slowly and evenly into the blood stream.   It is said that eating foods with a low GI is the key to sustainable weight loss as they leave you feeling fuller for longer.
• Spelt grains have a high level of complex B vitamins and iron.
• Spelt is an excellent source of Riboflavin - two ounces of Spelt flour will provide over 100% RDA of Riboflavin - it is one of the most important foods for many migraine sufferers.
• Spelt flour is a good source of Niacin, which can help to reduce total cholesterol and lipoprotein levels. 
• The high levels of fibre in spelt wholegrain is believed to help reduce cholesterol levels and help to combat Diabetes.  Spelt is a good source of Zinc, which is also important in controlling blood sugar levels.
• Spelt contains special carbohydrates called ‘mucopolysachavides’; their carbohydrates are credited with strengthening body tissues and stimulating the body’s immune system, helping to increase its resistance to infection.  
• Sharpham Park’s mill is a 100% dedicated organic stone ground spelt mill, using carefully sourced and certified spelt seed, so there is no risk of cross contamination from other grains or spelt/wheat varieties.
• Sharpham Park is accredited with the Organic Farmers and Growers. 
• Sharpham Park believes in minimising food miles as much as possible.  Food miles refer to the distance the spelt travels from the farm to where it is produced into spelt food, and from there to the retailer and then into the kitchen, where it is consumed. 
• Sharpham Park’s packaging is sourced wherever possible from sustainably farmed forests.  The board used to produce their new breakfast cereal boxes is sourced from Scottish forests, and then milled into pulp in Cumbria.  Their flour bags are also produced from sustainable sourced paper, and produced just 20 miles from the farm.    Both the board and the paper are purchased with PEFC Accreditation.  This is entirely in keeping with the Sharpham Park ethos of keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum and in packaging responsibly. 

In early 2010, Ayton Global Research conducted a product trial on behalf of Sharpham Park on the use of Sharpham Park’s spelt products as a substitute for wheat. A sample of 200 of people aged between 18 and 40+ who stated they suffered from self diagnosed wheat intolerance, were asked to substitute wheat in their daily diet for Sharpham Park spelt over a period of two weeks. Some of the results from the survey show the following:  
• 97% of females aged 40 and above agreed that substituting conventional wheat with spelt reduced the symptoms you usually experience when eating conventional wheat.
• 100% of the men asked aged 18-40 agreed that their symptoms reduced when replacing wheat with spelt
• 100% of males aged 40 and above agreed that they can eat the muesli without any adverse affects.

What females between the ages of 18-40yrs said:
“I feel all my symptoms have greatly improved since substituting wheat like this. I am shocked at what wheat does to the body”
“I enjoyed the overall experience and was surprised about the good taste and versatility of the spelt products I tried. I believed that spelt really makes you feel satisfied for longer than when eating conventional wheat food (even when eating less quantity. ex. one slice of bread instead of two) I was inspired to make some pizza with the wholegrain spelt flour and used the flours to make crispy potatoes wedges! I will definitely included spelt products on my food shopping list!”
“I really enjoyed eating spelt and felt much healthier on the whole”
What 40yrs+ females said:
“I’m really surprised how much better I feel, I don’t feel sluggish at all and my bowels have been good. I particularly enjoyed the spelt risotto, it was lovely.”
“I've found the diet very easy to do and shall stick with it after the trial. I've noticed a difference in my skin too it looks so fresh and I might say radiant I'm wondering if this is down to the diet.”
“I've been really pleased at how quickly my bloating subsided when I substituted spelt for wheat”
What Males between the ages of 18- 40yrs said:
“I have not felt bloated during this trial - although that may be because I have not eaten as much as I would normally do (which would include a lot of bread). I also noticed a slight increase of energy”
“Lovely tasting. Filled me up till lunchtime. Didn't feel bloated at all”

What 40yrs+ males said:
“I feel much more alert, I’m more trim and my stomach and waistline appear slimmer, I have more energy and seem to have less aches and pains, overall I am really happy with the spelt products & will continue to use them”
“I like the taste of the spelt, the bread in the recipes was very heavy but tasted good, I feel less bloated and I have lost 1kg since starting the trial”
“I feel more alert and seem to have less muscle ache, I used to suffer with heartburn and this seems to have improved, it has seemed to stop me feeling as bloated & helped my digestive system”

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