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altBowel Cancer UK and Sharpham Park are partnering to spread the message of the importance of a high fibre diet in the fight against bowel cancer.   

Research into bowel cancer has identified that a healthy diet is a significant factor of lowering your risk of bowel cancer. A 
high fibre diet is one of the elements to ensure good bowel health and a large number of Sharpham Park products all contain healthy high levels of fibre.   

We are delighted that the first step of the partnership will see the Bowel Cancer UK logo proudly appear on some of Sharpham Park’s high fibre spelt products:

Baker’s Blend Flour
Seeded Flour
Wholegrain Flour 
Plain Spelt Porridge
Apple and Cinnamon Spelt Porridge
Millers Muesli 
The Crunchy Spelt Bran Flake Range
Pearled Spelt

Deborah Alsina, CEO, Bowel Cancer UK says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Sharpham Park, the British Spelt manufacturer which is a high fibre wholegrain.   Eating whole grains and fibre is an important component of a bowel healthy diet.  Working together, we plan to raise awareness of how a balanced diet containing lots of whole grains and fibre plus regular exercise can help people stack their odds against bowel cancer. ” 

altaltRoger Saul, Sharpham Park Founder says “Ever since we started growing spelt, we have been deluged with enquiries from people suffering from digestive issues and those that wish to improve their health through diet. One of the elements to reduce your risk is eating a diet high in natural fibre, such as spelt. Bowel Cancer predominantly affects people over the age of 50 but there are also increasing numbers of younger people being diagnosed. Prevention and awareness for people of all ages is the important message that we hope this partnership achieves, and we are delighted that Bowel Cancer UK have chosen to work with Sharpham Park to help convey this.” 

Watch this space for more exciting developments in the Bowel Cancer UK and Sharpham Park partnership and how you can be involved. 

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