The Great Taste Awards 2019

Great Taste Awards – The Year of Flour….

We are delighted that our organic wholegrain spelt flour has been awarded three stars in the 2019 Great Taste Awards, which is the highest level and only achieved by 208 out of the 12,772 entries. The judges comments on the flour were " A crisp-crusted, even and open textured loaf was produced using the flour with a delightful, wheaty and nutty flavour. A great favourite with judges and a delight to use. A really great flour"

This was swiftly followed by our organic spelt flour which achieved two stars and received comments such as " Made a sensational soda bread. Really wheaten flavour with almost caramel notes. Very rich tasting with a delicate crumb. Really good. We couldn't stop eating this and it needed nothing more than good butter to enhance the flavour. Toasty, nutty flavour"

And not forgetting our Organic Spelt Baker's Blend which was also awarded two stars and received the following comment, "A pale yellow/buff coloured, fresh and wheaty smelling flour. Using this recipe supplied the dough mixed readily and produced a soft, very pliable dough. Free-formed it baked to a flattened cob shape. The crust had a really lovely soft crunch and a delightful, rich and wheaty aroma. A gentle nuttiness in flavour but without much wheatiness. The crumb was open and soft without sponginess. A really good loaf."

We also received the following:

Porridge                      Two stars
Spelt Grain                  One star
Pearled Spelt              One star
This is how the Great Taste Awards describe their awards:

1-star Great Taste award - judges dubbed it a food that delivers fantastic flavour
2-star Great Taste award - judges dubbed it above and beyond delicious
3-star Great Taste award - the product was described by judges as extraordinarily tasty

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4th August 2019

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