DPD Statement

We can confirm that all our parcel collection, sortation and delivery operations are continuing as normal.

Our service levels have also been excellent throughout our network.

Delivery network

In addition to the new contact free delivery processes we have implemented in recent weeks, we have now introduced a new Swap It process which eliminates contact and ensures social distancing.

With the new process, our drivers will only touch the Swap It packaging and your customers will only need to touch the items they are swapping and receiving.

Yesterday we also suspended our DPD Pickup service to comply with the Government's advice to close non-essential shops.

Social Distancing for our people

We are doing everything possible to support our people and we have implemented new social distancing measures for everyone at work to help reduce social interaction between people.

This involves staying 2 metres apart during briefings and for all operational procedures such as loading and unloading vehicles.

We are also operating a wave delivery program which staggers driver start times to reduce the number of drivers on site at the same time and to minimise the contact of people.


We are doing everything possible to support our customers and our people so that we can minimise any disruption and continue giving you and your customers the best possible delivery experience

DPD, working hard to keep your business moving


DPD will issue a daily update in response to the Coronavirus situation in the UK, we will also issue a separate International Bulletin, with a specific update on individual international destinations. This information will also be available on our website, www.dpd.co.uk.

We continue to follow the advice issued by HM Government and we are keeping our workforce fully briefed.

1. UK parcel collection and delivery operation
At present all parcel operations continue as normal. All DPD depots and hubs are working as normal and we have no closures affecting any of our sites.


2. Parcel collection and delivery operations in DPD countries abroad

At present international parcel operations are largely continuing as normal, however we are seeing delays to countries that have special measures or restrictions in place, these include USA, France, Spain and Italy.

In particular a number of businesses in Italy are currently closed and therefore we would encourage you to check that your customer's premises are open and able to receive parcels before you ship. Our operational process for delivery to business locations in Italy has already changed and we will now make one delivery attempt and then automatically return the items back to you, for which there will be a charge.

We have produced a destination specific update which will be shared with you shortly.


3. Our process in the UK if a customer refuses to sign a handheld device at the point of delivery due to fears of transmission of the virus.

DPD drivers can still make the delivery and will use the Deliver to Neighbour option available to them to capture an image of the property and a Proof of Delivery name. The driver can also sign the delivery screen and record this as a Refused to Sign incident. These processes allow us to accurately capture and record all deliveries as we would normally do and to provide you with full track and trace reporting

If drivers deliver to a location where it is known someone has the virus, they will deliver the parcel to a safe place. If a safe place option is not permitted the parcel will be returned to the depot.


4. Briefing our People

We have issued detailed communications to all our workforce to ensure they are fully briefed on the latest situation. All our advice to them is based on that issued by HM Government, which essentially says that we should continue to work.

We have issued detailed travel advice to all our people so they are aware of the latest information and know what to do if they have recently returned from abroad.

We have advised all our people of the correct process to follow in the event they feel unwell or experience flu-like symptoms. In addition, we have asked our drivers, where possible to use antibacterial wipes to clean hand-held units between signatures.


5. In the instance of any individual, DPD personnel or visitors, attending one of our sites and is suspected of having or is confirmed as having coronavirus, we will follow the advice issued by HM Government

This means we will contact the PHE Local Health Protection Team <https://e.marketing.dpd.co.uk/e/269632/ts-phe-health-protection-teams/dydv9/220876542?h=n931FIWJS91SEQDw10v8toaD_tOO16_EPmxhc65tAwU>  or in Scotland, Health Protection Scotland, in Wales, Public Health Wales and the Public Health Authority in Northern Ireland, to discuss the case, they will advise on any actions or precautions that should be taken.

Closure of the workplace is not recommended, by Public Health England at this time.


6. In terms of cleaning offices and work spaces where there are suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus

Again we will follow the advice of the PHE Local Health Protection Team, or equivalent which at present does NOT require additional cleaning, however this will be carried out if recommended by the authority.

This is in-line with the latest policy advice issued by HM Government.


7. DPD agency staff

Our agency staff providers have confirmed to us that they have communicated the latest Government guidelines to all their workforce. We are assured that any agency staff working at DPD have been briefed as extensively as our own teams.


8. Sick pay for DPD employees and self-employed owner drivers

Our employees will be paid in accordance with our Company Sick Pay Scheme. Employees not eligible for Company Sick Pay will receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from day one of absence in-line with recent Government changes.

We have just announced special measures for self-employed drivers who will receive help, being paid the equivalent of SSP and having their main operational costs deferred.


9. DPD employees and owner drivers with the virus

At present we do not have any reported cases.


10. Mail and parcels from China or other affected areas

There is currently no evidence that you can catch Coronavirus from parcels and letters.


11. Restrictions on meetings and travel

Non-essential international travel between DPD locations has been suspended until further notice.

UK travel and meetings are continuing as normal.


12. Additional information

Further details are available at www.gov.uk <https://e.marketing.dpd.co.uk/e/269632/2020-03-16/dydvc/220876542?h=n931FIWJS91SEQDw10v8toaD_tOO16_EPmxhc65tAwU>  and DPD will issue an update to this document as the situation changes.




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18th March 2020

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