Introducing our new Non Organic Stoneground Spelt Flour

Introducing our new Non Organic Stoneground Spelt Flour

We have launched a new range of spelt flour which is British grown and milled here at Sharpham Park. Roger launched the new range to bring the unique health benefits of spelt to the UK’s ever-growing number of home bakers.


“Recent events have changed the way people eat. It is now more important than ever that people eat healthily and actively support the British economy. Gut health and the microbiome are one of the most important areas of focus for the medical, health and wellbeing world and spelt is a grain that is a resistant starch food which is a vital part of your daily diet. We’re also proud to help feed the nation and keep people baking through these difficult times."



Keeping the nation baking 

Our new conventional spelt flour range arrives to ease industry demand, at a time when the surge in home baking has resulted in flour shortages being experienced throughout the UK.


Health benefits of spelt

Spelt is an excellent source of fibre, protein, iron and vitamins, and has been proven to improve heart health, aid digestion and reduce the risk of diabetes. Spelt releases energy very slowly, helping you stay fuller for longer - this is why the Roman army referred to spelt as their ‘marching grain’. 


Spelt's unique structure also means it is an ideal choice for those 1 in 6 people in the UK with a wheat intolerance as it is digested more easily by the human body than other grains. It may also help improve insulin sensitivity, so that your body needs lower levels of the hormone to balance blood glucose levels.

26th June 2020

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