Sowing Our Organic Naked Oats

We’ve just sown both our first organic spring spelt and organic Naked Oats, a UK first.  Our Farm Manager, Dan kindly took this video of not only the sowing in action, but so you can see our outstanding Somerset countryside – if you look closely you can see Glastonbury Tor in the background.

We’re hoping that the organic spring spelt will make us less weather dependent when we sow – we’ve had many a tractor stuck in the mud during our usual sowing season and sometimes have found ourselves delayed for many weeks.  With our ever changing winters, warm one year, freezing the next, we’re trying to offset the dangers with this new spring spelt.  Will we be successful – only time will tell when we harvest this summer.

We’re really excited about Naked Oats, they really are a nutritional powerhouse and we predict they will become more popular than quinoa in the future,.

So watch this space, many exciting developments ahead….

13th April 2021

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