World Hunger Day

As a family and as a business, we champion the UN Sustainable Development Goals at every opportunity and we are therefore supporting #TOGETHERBAND through a series of endeavours, starting with World Hunger Day, when we will be donating 65p for every product sold on our website. 65p feeds a child for a day and makes a tangible difference to a life. But we’re not stopping there – we are pledging to continue to support #TOGETHERBAND with our core products – organic pearled spelt and organic spelt grain and our soon to be launched spelt risottos and organic spelt drinks.

In the past year #TOGETHERBAND has had over 800 global Ambassadors join in support of these crucial issues, including David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Naomi Campbell, Halima Aden and together they have reached over 4.3 billion world citizens. You can watch a one minute film clip about the #TOGETHERBAND story so far here

As part of their work in raising awareness of malnutrition and famine as well as their dedication to ending hunger, we would like to invite you to join us as a #TOGETHERBAND Ambassador for Goal 2: Zero Hunger which will launch on World Hunger Day on May 28th. In line with this launch we’re championing the vital work of the World Food Programme.

Funds generated from the #TOGETHERBAND campaign are being used to support, The Power of Nutrition, which aims to tackle child malnutrition by working with governments on high impact nutrition programmes to children, teenagers and mothers at risk.

Let's end hunger #TOGETHER

28th May 2021

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