Go nuts for organic British Walnuts!

Autumn has arrived and our organic British walnuts are now available to order online. With a wealth of health benefits from your head to your heart and steeped in history and heritage, they are a festive favourite not to be missed.

Organically grown in Somerset, these Christmas pantry essentials are carefully harvested and stored in October. Changing from green, ‘wet’ walnuts in spring to the hard shelled, hidden treats of Autumn they come into their own just in time for festive baking and entertaining. The walnut orchard at Sharpham Park was first established 12 years ago by Roger Saul. As part of a committed, organic farming system the walnut crops provide a sustainable and fully traceable food that works hand in hand with nature to provide the very best of seasonal eating.

“We planted 300 trees and now have a battle royal with the squirrels for ownership.” Comments Roger Saul, founder of Sharpham Park. Roger was inspired to grow walnuts on his organic estate after discovering the remains of a monk’s lunch of walnuts, scallop shells and chicken bones in the lime mortar of a medieval wall at the farm. Once home to the Abbots of Glastonbury, the estate would have provided food for the monk’s table from a variety of crops that were being farmed. As part of Sharpham Park’s heritage, the walnut orchard is reflection of how visionary farming methods have embraced their roots and celebrated tradition.

19th October 2018

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