A connected loaf

An artisan baker from East Bristol Bakery has cycled 300 miles from Cornwall to Bristol to collect his ingredients to make a connected loaf. Alex Poulter visited Sharpham Park on his journey.

He says: "I was thinking about the theme of the Food Connections festival, telling the story of where ingredients come from. "I only use four basic ingredients - that's the great thing about bread. I thought, wouldn't it be great to see where those ingredients come from, and being a cyclist it just made sense to go on one trip telling the whole story." 

Alex collected a sourdough culture and yeast from Tracebridge Sourdough Bakery on the border of Somerset and Devon, where he learned to bake; spelt flour from Sharpham Park near Glastonbury and water from Cheddar Natural Spring Water.

2nd December 2014

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