We're at Wasted

A ground breaking food waste pop-up restaurant takes up residence on Selfridges London’s iconic rooftop and we’re delighted that our spelt bran will be included in the menu. Selfridges is partnering with Dan and the team behind New York’s internationally acclaimed Blue Hill Restaurants to bring their groundbreaking food waste pop-up, wastED, to London for the first time. The aim of the pop up is to celebrate what chefs do every day on their menus: creating something delicious out of the ignored or un-coveted and encouraging new applications for what we now all too commonly refer to as food waste.   

Our spelt bran is a by-product of the flour milling process and pearled spelt production and is formed while the grain is ‘pearled’. This process involves bouncing the grain over rotating stones to remove the outer layer of bran, which ensures the grain is full of flavour when used in cooking. The fibre found in Spelt Bran is essential for speeding up the digestive process and contains key micronutrients, which are frequently missing from people’s diets today.   We think the wastED project is going to be a huge hit – what do you think?

2nd March 2017

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