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Spelt Risotto With Cepes & Walnuts

Kindly Donated by

Tom Aikens



Brown Butter: Place the butter onto heat with the garlic and turn to a nut brown, then add all the herbs and leave to infuse for 8 hrs in a warm place, then pass keeping all the sediment. Leave in a warm place.

To Finish The Spelt: Place a small pan onto a medium heat adding the butter, add the chopped shallots and cook for a couple of minutes till just tender with the seasoning, add the cooked pearled spelt and 300ml of the cooking liquor and reduce by 2/3rds. Add the creme fraiche to the spelt with the cepe powder, grated Parmesan, lemon juice and the fresh herbs, check the seasoning.

Cepes: These are thinly sliced then cooked in a hot pan in olive oil then butter, add seasoning, then the thyme leaves at the end, then drain in a colander, then once they are all cooked then mix enough dressing through the cepes to keep them moist.

Toasted Walnuts: Place the walnuts into a oven at 180c and toast till golden brown then chop roughly, this is used for garnish.

Walnut Oil: Toast the walnuts well then blitz with the oil and puree till smooth.

Butternut Sage and Honey Sauce: Heat a pan on a low heat then add the butter so it just melts, add the squash along with the sage, rosemary, sea salt and honey. Cover with a lid so the vegetables sweat and cook for 10-12 mins on a low heat, stir the vegetables now and again so they don't brown. Add the stock and cream and bring the soup to a simmer and simmer for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, remove the rosemary and sage then ladle the soup in to the blender jug only fill it 1/2 full then blend the soup for 2-3 minute still smooth, pass through a fine sieve.

Makes 1.2 Litres Cepe Dressing: Turn the bratt pan onto full and add 400ml of olive oil, once hot add the cepes with 1/2 the salt and pepper, cook till golden and caramelised. After approx 15 minutes, add the shallots, garlic and thyme. Cook this again till golden and caramelised, with the remaining salt and pepper. Add the madeira next and reduce to approx 200ml then add the balsamic vinegar. Reduce again to 200ml then add the remaining olive oil and bring to a simmer, cook at a simmer for ten minutes stirring now and again. Place into a container to cool then into the fridge for a week so the flavour improves. Stir this every other day then puree it all in a kitchen blender till smooth and pass through a fine sieve.

Assembly: Place the raw sorrel leaves into the bottom of the plate and then the risotto on top around the sauce, and on top the cepes, walnuts and brown butter.

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