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Sharpham Park
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Spelt Cranachan

Recipe taken from the new SPELT COOKBOOK by Roger Saul

Spelt: Meals, Cakes, Cookies & Breads from the Good Grain
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PREPARATION TIME: 10 minutes, plus making and cooling porridge.



    Put the cream, honey and whisky in a large bowl and whisk, using an electric whisk, until soft peaks form.

    Spoon a layer of the spelt porridge into tall glasses, then a layer of the poached raspberries and finally the flavoured cream.

    Sprinkle with the spelt porridge flakes, if using. Chill in the fridge until you are readyto serve.

    Extracted from Spelt by Roger Saul © Roger Saul 2015
    Published by Nourish Books, London.
    Hardback £16.99
    Commissioned photography by Lara Holmes & Neil White

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