What is Spelt?


Spelt is an ancient grain which was cultivated by earlier civilizations such as Mesopotamia in the Middle East around 9000 years ago. In Britain it is first known to have existed as a main crop in 2000 BCE.

It fell out of favour in medieval times and then had a brief revival in the 19th century but was out of fashion again in the 20th century as crops producing higher yields took over.

It’s a cross between Emmer Wheat and Goats Grass and has a distinctive, naturally nutty flavour. Unlike common wheat, spelt has not been hybridised or chemically altered, and it remains as simple and hardy as it was when it was first introduced. 

Sharpham Park has led the way in the UK as the main grower of British spelt as there was no British spelt being grown at that time and all spelt found in the UK was largely imported from Europe. Sharpham Park, and particularly our founder Roger Saul, were one of the early pioneers of this ancient grain, and thanks to his friend and chef Mark Hix, we became known as the “Champions of British Spelt”.