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Sharpham Park
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We're celebrating Organic September

When Roger Saul, who owns Sharpham Park, a 300 acre estate near Glastonbury first started growing spelt in 2004 he experimented with an organic and a conventional crop.

He says it was the best thing he ever did: "It helped me to understand that the efficient bug-killing regimes that have their place in mass food production (but are banned in organic growing) can and do destroy the insect life-cycle so vital not only to natural bug control, but also to birds and wildlife dependent on them for food."

Sharpham Park is a modern interpretation of a traditional deer park. While the main produce from the farm is spelt, we also employ a system of organic crop rotation to replenish the soil without the need for pesticides and fertilisers. The farm is accredited by Organic Farmers and Growers. The spelt fields have 4 metre margins and the hedgerows are cut every other year to allow wildlife such as hare, lapwing, dormice, bees and ladybirds to shelter and forage for food all year round.

Our spelt is organic:

We also farm rare breed White Park cattle, Red deer and Hebridean and Manx Loughtan sheep. The livestock, bred for their highly prized meat, is also raised to sustain the breeds and to fertilize the park. Sharpham Park is also Freedom Registered.

The Sharpham Park food brand has been forged with a passion for responsibly farmed, healthy, natural food traceable from field to fork.

20% off DURING
Organic September

We're proud to be celebrating Organic September with 20% off our organic range.


24 August 2015

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